We cater to all types of interior and exterior staining projects for appartments, condos, houses and new construction.

Our wood staining contractors provide these services:

  • Floors
  • Staircases
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Siding

Interior and Exterior Staining


Alf Painting Service is focused on providing quality interior and exterior staining at very competitive rates.

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Wood brightening is also one of our common services.

Interior Staining

Interior Wood Staining is an extraordinary method for making your inside wood style truly stick out. Finishing draws out the regular style of your wood design, cabinetry and trim inside your home. Besides the fact that it makes the wood look perfect by changing the variety and upgrading the regular grain, yet after we’ve applied a stain over the color it likewise shields your wood from form, buildup and different impacts of maturing.

Exterior Staining

Although decorating the exterior of your property will make it look great, don’t just think about it for its aesthetic benefits. Decorating your property to a high standard will also help protect it. A good quality exterior job is your property’s defense against the weather. We can paint and stain wood on the exterior of your property and it will return to its former glory! We can also give new life to fences, garage doors, sheds (anything that can be painted or wood stained can benefit from our professional touch!).